Wednesday, July 2


intimacy/ osho
no relationship can truly grow if you go on holding back. if you remain clever and go on safeguarding and protecting yourself, only personalities meet, and the essential centers remain alone. then only your mask is related, not you. whenever such a thing happens, there are four persons in the relationship, not two. two false persons go on meeting, and the two real persons remain worlds apart.

waiting to die/ zero 7
now it's a good time for a tasty glass of wine, let's not burden our minds with carbon dioxide, and everyone's hurry, don't sit and abide, yes, everyone stand up, we are running out of time, lalalalalalalalalala...
look what a terrible mess we've made, the sun beats us down as we search for the shade,
and yes, death is everyone's fate, but we've made it this far, it's time to celebrate, lalalalalalalalala...

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