Tuesday, July 31

i have no idea how i can get on.

i have no idea how i can get on,
if work can be this heavily lend on my back, why can't i be free.

i told u i'm stressed, but u do not trust me,
i need relaxation, but u do not trust me,
in your eyes,
i see your pain,
but in my pain, could u see me?

sometimes, i do not believe that there is long lasting love,
but sometimes, i see it is bright enough for me to walk through and follow the path with u.

i am always relying. relying on your performance and your ways to live with me, sorry.

Sunday, July 29

i dream a lot lately

i dreamed a lot lately, the house in saikung: i saw little girls playing with me, there was a huge swimming pool with laughters and funs, there were party girls and party boys hanging out in the car park. the scene has changed. but, how i miss the past.

i dreamed a lot lately, my sch mates in ghs: i met my sch choir again, there was a small red roof at the top of our sch building, they practiced with anger and sorrow, i danced behind the piano, where no one could see, i was contented with my elegant performance and the classic outfit. how i miss the past.

Friday, July 20

my beloved song to start

我愛上一盞燈我愛傾聽 轉動的秒針 不愛其他傳聞
我愛的比臉色還單純 比寵物還天真
當我需要的只是一個吻 就給我一個吻我只愛陌生人
我愛上某一個人 愛某一種體溫喜歡看某一個眼神 不愛其他可能