Friday, August 28

maturity fm osho

One should not get married to a woman or to a man in a poetic mood. Let the prose mood come, then settle. Because the day-to-day life is more like prose than like poetry.

One should become mature enough. Maturity means that one is no longer a romantic fool.
One understands life, one understands the responsibility of life, one understands the problems of being together with a person.
One accepts all those difficulties and yet decides to live with the person.
One is not hoping that there is only going to be heaven, all roses.
One is not hoping nonsense; one knows reality is tough, it is rough. There are roses but far and few in between; there are many thorns.
When you have become alert to all of these problems and still you decide that it is worthwhile to risk and be with a person rather than to be alone, then get married. Then marriages will never kill love, because this love is realistic. Marriage can kill only romantic love. And romantic love is what people call puppy love.
One should not depend on it.

One should not think about it as nourishment. It may be just like ice-cream -- you can eat it sometimes, but don't depend on it. Life has to be more realistic, more prose.

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