Thursday, August 16

the dream goes on and on and on and on ... ...

從她唱no doubt的don"t speak, 直到現在出個人大碟,都很喜歡她硬朗保持住女性嫵媚的個性,唱得超級連氣和超快,以前時時咪她的歌詞,spider web,dont speak,簡直首首都曉唱,今日在她的concert好多歌都不十足十曉唱有點quilty不過我其實喜歡dont speak時候的她,以前band sound feel不似依家做到只有clubbing時爛醉時先聽到。不過今天看見她的真人聽她唱orange county girl我差點感動得哭得出來,想起以前很多時間聽歌的少女日子想起因為夜晚的channel V喜歡上她,想起以前的屋企,

不過今日it's the first time i watch concert with u, thanks, though u were sick today, still thanks
$280 ticket but in $480 area!
this is summer is started from nouvelle vauge ;ended by gwen stefani。

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